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By Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon

ISBN-10: 0764113658

ISBN-13: 9780764113659

A Barron's bestseller for years, this ebook is healthier than ever in a new fourth variation. as well as its usual vocabulary lists, this version incorporates a new part known as landscape of phrases. during this function, all the 1100 phrases seems to be in a sentence chosen from between popular novels, performs, poems, or even newspaper editorials and television proclaims. The ebook is a vocabulary builder aimed without delay at college-bound highschool scholars, in addition to students who desire additional vocabulary aid. scholars will locate observe lists with definitions, analogy workouts, pleasing be aware video games, and engaging words-in-context routines.

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Scrutinize o. unfavorable ____ 16. solicit p. friendly ____ 17. spew q. unwilling ____ 18. venom r. vomit ____ 19. vexatious s. disease ____ 20. virulent t. getting money by threats Idioms ____ 21. to spill the beans u. to be critical of a present ____ 22. stiff upper lip v. hesitation because of fear ____ 23. cold feet w. courage in the face of trouble ____ 24. look a gift horse in the mouth x. give away a secret Now check your answers on page 308. Make a record of those words you missed. Once again, use those words in original sentences.

Affluent b. arbitrary c. avid d. cajole e. elicit f. euphemism g. fray h. harbinger i. indigent j. precocious k. pugnacious l. reprimand m. skirmish n. sour grapes o. wrest ____ 1. Which noun tells you that something is on the way? ____ 2. Which verb means to extract, to get something out of? ____ 3. Which adjective describes an action that is based on a whim? ____ 4. Which adjective tells you about children who are very bright for their age? ____ 5. If a wealthy family moved into your neighborhood, which adjective would be suitable for them?

Dentists appreciate patients who can __________ pain. 4. She hoped that we would not __________ her decision to run for office as a thirst for power. 5. The dictator's __________ rules failed to intimidate* the leaders of the underground. Definitions Place the letter of the correct definition in the blank next to the new vocabulary word. 6. elicit ____ a. freedom from punishment 7. pernicious ____ b. to make a deduction, to infer 8. tolerate ____ c. to put up with, to bear 9. construe ____ d. to draw forth 10.

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