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By Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon

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A Barron's best-seller for greater than 4 a long time, the brand-new 6th version of 1100 phrases you want to understand has been extended and up-to-date with more--
Word lists and definitions
Analogy exercises
Words-in-context exercises
All new phrases for college students to profit are put within the context of sentences which were chosen from famous novels, performs, poems, newspaper editorials, and television declares. For optimum ease and pleasure in studying, the authors suggest 15-minute periods with this e-book. through the years, hundreds of thousands of scholars getting ready for the SAT and ACT have trusted prior variations of 1100 phrases you want to be aware of as a good way to reinforce their notice energy. a brand new characteristic within the 6th version is The Lighter contact a hundred, a suite of a hundred humorous one-liners which use phrases from the e-book you should recognize.

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3. The confession was signed under __________, the attorney claimed. 4. I suspect that my father will __________ me for coming home late. 5. Parking in front of a hydrant is a __________ violation of the city's law. Definitions Match the new words with their meanings. 6. flagrant ____ a. inflexible, unrelenting 7. admonish ____ b. compulsion, force 8. duress ____ c. outrageous, glaringly bad 9. culprit ____ d. the guilty person 10. inexorable ____ e. to warn, to reprove Today's Idiom to take down a pegto take the conceit out of a braggart (ship's colors used to be raised or lowered by pegsthe higher the colors, the greater the honor) The alumni thought they had a great basketball team, but our varsity took them down a peg.

Flagrant m. exemption ____ 14. impunity n. moral philosophy ____ 15. inane o. agree ____ 16. inexorable p. hidden, secret ____ 17. paucity q. to interpret ____ 18. pernicious r. one who commits a crime ____ 19. rampant s. shortage ____ 20. tolerate t. caustic, bitter Idioms ____ 21. stock in trade u. to idolize ____ 22. to take down a peg v. to humiliate ____ 23. pass the buck w. the necessary equipment ____ 24. to lionize person x. to refuse to take responsibility Now check your answers on page 306.

5. I could not doze in the chair because of the __________ barber. Definitions Play the familiar matching game. 6. quell ____ a. one to whom you confide your secrets 7. voluble ____ b. talkative 8. confidant(e) ____ c. process of wearing out 9. obsolescence ____ d. put an end to 10. dubious ____ e. doubtful Today's Idiom thumb's downsignal of rejection (Roman emperors could condemn a gladiator who fought poorly by turning their thumbs down) My father turned thumbs down on our plan to hitchhike to Florida during Easter.

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