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See also Intensity as image characteristic, 3:39 for medical lasers, 3: 18, 181 Brightness acuity, evaluation of Brightness Acuity Test (BAT) for, 3:253 before cataract surgery, II :81 Brightness discrimination, 3: III minimum perceptible acuity and, 3: III minimum visible acuity and, 3: III Brimonidine, 2:407, 408,10:1721,181,182-183 in children, 6:283 in combination preparations, 10:1741 Brinzolamide, 2:4Ilt, 412,10:1731,180 in children, 6:283 British antilewisite (BAL), for Wilson disease, 2:281 Brivudine, 1:77 Broad-beam illumination, for slit-lamp biomicroscopy, 8:16 Broad-beam lasers, for photoablation, 13:29 central island formation and, 13: 104 Broad-thumb (Rubinstein- Taybi) syndrome, childhood glaucoma and, 10:1631 Brodmann area 8, 5:34 Brodmann area 17 (striate cortex), 5:29, 30f, 6:44, 45, 45f, 47f See also Visual (calcarine/occipital) cortex development of, 6:46, 48f abnormal visual experience affecting, 6:49-52, 50f, 5 If, 67-68 Brodmann area 18 (parastriate cortex), 5:29, 31, 6:44.

158f types of. 3:152. 153f. I:76 H/GH3 (keratoepithelin) gene. 8:305. 307. 317 in amyloidosis. 8:347t in granular dystrophy. 8:316. 317 in lattice dystrophy. 8:318 Biglycan. 8: 14 Biguanides. 1:212t. 213 for ACll/Jtllllllloeba keratitis. 2:444. 8:189 Bilateral acoustic neurofibromatosis. See Neurofibromatosis. bilateral acoustic Bilateral complete blindness. evaluation of. as functional disorder. 5:305-306. 306f Bilateral diffuse uveal melanocytic proliferation. 9:320. 18If Bilateral Drusen Study Group.

12:337. 338f cataract risk affected by. 11:62 in lens. 2:369. 369f in macula. 12:8 age-related macular degeneration and. 12:68-69 in retina. 2:373 structure of. 2:373f Carotid arteries common. 5: II. 178f disorders of. 1:107-109. See also specific type allli Carotid occlusive disease dissection of. pain caused by. 5:299. 300 external. 5:11. 11-12j. 178j. 8:7 eyelids supplied by. 7: 149. 8:7 internal. 5: II. 11-12j. 13. 14j. 178j. 8:7 aneurysm of. 5:350-351 chiasmal syndromes caused by. 5: 162 third nerve palsy and.

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