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However, the word is used by Erasmus to denote not only the faculty of varying, but also varying itself. Indeed, as used by Erasmus, copia encompasses within its meaning the meaning of four English words: variation, abundance or richness, eloquence, and the ability to vary or enrich language and thought. In view of the impossibility of finding a suitable English word to translate it, the word copia has been used as an English word throughout the text of the translation. In physical matters, the translation reflects insofar as possible the order and arrangement of the original.

Much of the illustrative material, which constitutes by far the largest part of Book II, is not original with Erasmus. He does not always quote directly from the works of the author from whom he is borrowing, nor does he habitually give an indication of the source of his quotation. At times he quotes page after page from a series of authors, often without any hint that the material is not his own. A list of the writers most often quoted in the two books of the De copia includes: Apuleius, Aristophanes, Aulus Gellius, Cicero, Euripides, Homer, Horace, Livy, Lucian, Macrobius, Martial, Ovid, Persius, Plautus, Quintilian, Sallust, St.

KING H. DAVID RIX Page 9 NOTE TO THE READER The technical vocabulary of the sixteenth century in matters rhetorical far surpassed that of the twentieth century in the number and subtlety of its distinctions. In particular, the vast array of special names assigned to the various figures of speech can be very confusing to the modern reader, even the scholar. Some of these names have no exact counterpart in modern English. In this translation, the names of the figures have been translated when there is a modern equivalent in ordinary usage; in other cases the Latin name has been retained.

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