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35) is determined by the intrinsic properties of Si and the width of the quantum well dw. For a given value of BZD, the reduced chemical potential (* in Eq. (14) must then be optimized to yield the maximum value of ZzDT within the quantum well. In the case of quantum well systems, (* may be varied both by doping as well as by changing the quantum well thickness dw. Reduced dimensionality thus provides an additional degree of freedom for increasing ZzDT above the value characteristic of bulk materials.

The values for the elastic constants c~, c12, c44, and other parameters that are used in the present calculations are summarized in Table V. Using the KrSnig-Penney model and the band parameters in Table V, the thermoelectric transport coefficients in Eqs. (38) and (39) are calculated. 66ev .... x~ A - - . . . llev . _ . A... 14eV E=0 --*----. . . ( I 3- . . . . . . 45eV ( ! : *'---~;" E=0 I (~ ~176 "Ge ". "". . on (111)Si FIG. 15. (a) Conduction band offset diagram for a (001) oriented Si-Ge superlattice at the A~176(black solid line), A1~176176176 (light dash-dotted line), and L (black dashed line) points in the Brillouin zone.

This is generally true in both 3D bulk and 2D M QW (multiple-quantum-well) systems, although there are certain distinctions between 3D and 2D systems, as described later. In 3D bulk systems, a good thermoelectric material such as BizTe 3 has multiple anisotropic constant energy surfaces (carrier pockets) that have a small effective mass in one direction and large effective masses in the other two directions. A small effective mass usually leads to a high carrier mobility in that direction, whereas large effective masses in the other two directions lead to a high density of states.

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