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G. Abeunn, t' Age, Ageann, lost in the distance. N. C. w. ; indicates the use in the central parts c. c. He ' Airy, G. 'It's breezy. ' rayder till afraid. c. , Afore, G. on one side, awry, ob- lique. E. a term used in calling geese together. ' G. along. ' Alang, Lang, o' foot. N. before. A-jar, G. partly open. , It Aleeven, eleven. 1 was N. CUMBERLAND GLOSSARY. ' Rom. of Octavian Imp. Allan, G. a bit of land nearly surrounded by water an island. Ally, G. the aisle of a church. ; A-loddin, ' She's not engaged, on G.

Jaws. ' Chowe, Chowk, G. chew. N. to choke or strangle. 17 CUMBERLAND GLOSSARY. Chowl, the fleshy part of the c. cheek. Chris'mas cannel, candle G. a given by grocers to each cus- tomer at that season. Nutmegs or other spices are occasionally substituted. Clap, G. to pat hare does. shaf, c. the sheaf of corn given to each cow and horse on Christmas morning. a stupid person. c. down on bein' 'Seek aul' th' She's deun having hound on scenting game. ' N. the sprouts of the poc. to reply angrily and weeping.

15, p. 33. ' feulL' to roar TS. ' to bellow. ' G. to splash. ; Blish, E. an attack of purging. Slash, Bleary, c. windy, cold, and showery. Bleatt, N. , c. Blebbery, timid. ; the bleaberry Vaccinium myrtillus. ' Blab, out a secret. o. to let Blebs, c. bubbles; watery blisters. E. a vain-talking fellow. the bladder; to talk G. Bledder, nonsense. Black an' white, G. writing. ' c. , N. a gleam. ' Blenk, Blink, blenk o' A Blin, N. blind. Blind man's holiday, G. evening twilight. plexioned. Black berries, c.

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