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At the same time, they have defined a specific kind of transaction called a transfer, which implies a level of timing accuracy for the transaction. While these are not very useful definitions by themselves, they are identifying a number of modeling stages which allow a flow to be defined starting with a high-level functional model, and refining this in a number of intermediate models down to a specific implementation. 24 Chapter 2 Perhaps more importantly, SystemC provides for explicit separation of the function and interface, allowing each of them to be refined somewhat independently of the other.

Like the internal design, the external properties of a component can be viewed at many different levels of abstraction. 4 depicts an abstract model of the external pins (interface) of a chip. The external implementation detail is resolved as two 18 Chapter 2 signals (Data and Control) that are of an abstract type, integer. They are abstract because they do not reveal the bit-level implementation detail. 5. 5 Signal Ports This more detailed view shows the hand-shaking lines and the data port resolved as individual pins at the bit level.

1 1 A Model without Timing A functional model describes the function of a system or component without describing a specific implementation. A functional model can exist at any level of abstraction, depending on the precision of implementation details. For example, a functional model can abstractly describe a signalprocessing algorithm, or it can be a less abstract model that describes the function of an ALU for accomplishing the algorithm. The precision of internal and external data values depends on the model's abstraction level.

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A simplified guide to using the MCS51 on-chip UART

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