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To authenticate the user before accessing each individual resource (whether that be an application or file). The access control decision can therefore be more confident in the authenticity of the user at that specific point in time. Both of the examples above would in practice be far too inconvenient to users and thus increase the likelihood that they would simply switch it off, circumvent it or maintain such a short password sequence that it was simple to enter quickly. Even if we ignore the inconvenience for a moment, these approaches still do not bypass the point-of-entry authentication approach.

2 Evolution of User Authentication 31 These additional threats were recognised by the architects of 3G networks. The 3GPP devised a set of standards concerning security on 3G handsets. In a document called ‘3G – Security Threats and Requirements’ (3GPP 1999) the requirements for authentication state: It shall be possible for service providers to authenticate users at the start of, and during, service delivery to prevent intruders from obtaining unauthorised access to 3G services by masquerade or misuse of priorities.

Pdf (2008). : Biometrics: Advanced Identity Verification: The Complete Guide. Springer, London (2000). ISBN 978-1852332433 BBC: Credit card cloning. BBC inside out. shtml (2003). Accessed 10 Apr 2011 BBC: Passwords revealed by sweet deal. BBC News. stm (2004). Accessed 10 Apr 2011 BBC: Personal data privacy at risk. BBC News. stm (2008a). Accessed 10 Apr 2011 BBC: Oyster card hack to be published. BBC News. stm (2008b). : Authentication of users on mobile telephones – A survey of attitudes and opinions.

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