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Why not? 147. If you own a car, you can spend a fortune each year on repairs. But what are the alternatives? 149. If a company cannot afford to pay workers any more money, when they are striking for better pay, of course the manager can declare that he refuses to pay any more. But what is a better approach? 151. In football or in any team sport, what can a coach do when his some of his players get tired or injured during the game. ) 153. He's a new politician but he is a very good speaker and he makes friends out of enemies easily.

He didn't have much money and he did not know which was cheaper - to travel home to his city by bus or by train. So, who did he telephone and what did he inquire into? 256. His children had gone into the forest for a walk four hours ago and it would be dark in two hours. He was worried, so he telephoned the police who initiated what? 258. He was the only fisherman who went to sea that morning and got caught in the storm. Why? What did he not attend to? 260. Although he owned his own house and a yacht, the bank manager refused to grant him a loan.

Her portraits of people were absolutely lifelike. But she was shy and she painted pictures only of her friends. Also she refused to sell her pictures on the market. Why? ) 319. She always had a breathing problem. It came from a childhood illness in her lungs. And then she moved to the big city and her breathing problem became worse. Why? What aggravated it? COPYRIGHT © Keith Burgess 2007 All Rights Reserved. ·57· A ctivating 1001 Academic Words for IEL TS PART 3 Lesson 8: Superwords 281-320 Student B Think through the vocabulary and increase your speaking skills by taking turns at asking and answering these questions.

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