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By Karl Lieberherr

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This groundbreaking booklet provides an entire method for adaptive programming in any object-oriented language. Lieberherr's approach presents a brand new method of object-oriented software layout that is going past item encapsulation and hard-coded navigation paths to accomplish extra versatile interactions between items. Designers utilizing this adaptive process paintings at the next, extra schematic point of abstraction to layout software program courses. Graph notation is used to symbolize the category constitution of this system, and a "propagation development" language describes the best way to distribute significant equipment (including navigation) around the program's constitution. utilizing this technique, software program designers can create courses which are simply changed and adaptable as wishes evolve.

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7: Propagation pattern for the computeSalary adaptive program induced set of classes gets a method generated automatically, all of which de ne one object-oriented program in the family denoted by the adaptive program computeSalary. 3. A code fragment clause. The class-valued variable in *wrapper* Salary, indicates that the code totalSalary = totalSalary + *(this->get value()) lls in the body of the method generated automatically for class Salary. (@ and @) are used to delimit C++ statements. In general, a propagation pattern consists of an operation clause, a traversal clause, and a set of code fragment clauses.

Several of the chapters they edited have survived into this nal version. Finally, my thanks to Leslie Lamport for producing Latex with which this book was produced. Credits All or parts of the following papers are reprinted with permission. Portions reprinted, with permission, from Communications of the ACM LSX94]. c 1994 ACM. Used primarily in Chapter 1. Paper reprinted, with permission, from ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems PXL95]. c 1994 ACM. Used in Chapter 15. Portions reprinted, with permission, from IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering LX93c].

A class de nes the structure of the objects that belong to the class. The following class Village describes villages for a tourist o ce application. CLASS Village HAS PARTS name : Text inhabitantData : List(Inhabitant) numberOfMuseums : DemNumber OPTIONAL swimmingPools : List(SwimmingPool) OPTIONAL neighbors : List(Settlement) END CLASS Village. A village has ve parts for the purpose of this application. These parts are called: name, inhabitantData, numberOfMuseums, swimmingPools and neighbors.

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