Download e-book for kindle: Advanced Object Oriented Programming with Visual FoxPro 6.0 by Markus Egger, Mac Rubel

By Markus Egger, Mac Rubel

ISBN-10: 0965509389

ISBN-13: 9780965509381

This booklet combines OOP conception and real-world sensible knowledge, all from the visible FoxPro perspective. coated are multi-tiered structure; OO layout styles; item metrics; and OO standards, modeling, and layout, together with the UML.

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Then the program focus returns to the previous procedure, some additional 35 36 code executes, and finally the program ends and the local object reference goes out of scope; the object goes away as well. As you learned earlier in this chapter, you never have access to the actual object. The only form of access to objects is through the references or pointers. These pointers know the memory address of the objects. If you pass this memory address to another function, it will still point to the same address and therefore to the same object.

The form just contains a reference to that object. We could simply create another reference to the behavior object and release the form, and the behavior object would remain in memory. " The cool part is that many objects may share one other object (I'll call it a behavior object for this example). The first object created also instantiates the behavior object. All other objects would simply create additional references to the existing behavior object. As soon as all objects are released, the last reference to the behavior object also goes away, and the behavior object is released as well.

When using the FOR NEXT version, you can use the ControlCount property of the container to determine the number of items. There isn't a lot you can do with these collections other than access objects. You can't just redimension these collections because FoxPro knows the difference between its own collections and arrays. However, some collections provide an interface (such as an AddItem() method) to add or remove items from a collection. The item order in a collection does not necessarily reflect visible sequences you see on the screen.

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